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Your June Sip of Coffee + Oodles

Did you miss Coffee and Oodles this week? Here’s our prompt, and a bit more about our process!

In Coffee and Oodles, we take a half hour out of our day to create through writing and doodling. No creativity is required – all you need to do is try!

First, the facilitator shares a prompt. Sometimes it’s a photo; other times, it’s a quote, song lyric, or work of art. Then, we all take five minutes to write or doodle together. I say “we all” because everyone does it together, including the person facilitating! Then, after five minutes, we share what we’ve written and drawn. The feedback is always supportive and positive, answering the questions what did you like, what did you find strong, and what stayed with you about the piece?

Here is a prompt we used earlier this month – feel free to grab a piece of paper and write or doodle your response. Want to share it with us? Email!