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7 Easy Self Care Tips

We’ve talked a lot about self care in the past.  That’s because we truly believe that taking even sixty seconds to care for yourself can make a huge difference!  So we’ve rounded up some of our absolute favorite but surprisingly simple self care tips for you today…

1. Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath today every time you find yourself becoming anxious or stressed.

Taking a second to yourself, to breathe deeply, helps you disconnect from whatever stressful situation is at hand.  Give yourself a few extra seconds to contemplate and readjust before diving back in.  Whether you’re about to call your insurance company, stressed by a badly behaving friend, caring for a fast-moving child, you name it, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath can make all the difference.

2. Do something nice for yourself

Whether that’s adding a bit of honey to your tea, taking a bubble bath at the end of the day, spending a few minutes reading a favorite book before bed, or anything else… do something nice for yourself today.  Think of it as if you were doing something nice for a good and kind friend.

3. Get moving

Allowing your body the exercise and movement that it needs to stay healthy and to work off your stress and worries is crucial to self-care.  Try taking a brisk walk instead of the bus.  Put on a yoga video (so many of them are free on youtube!) for 10 or 20 minutes before you slouch on the couch for the rest of the evening.  Meet a friend out for a bike ride or at an exercise class.  There are so many options to get yourself moving today.

4. Make a cup of tea

While growing up, whenever I was stressed or having a bad day, my mother would always tell me to make myself a hot cup of tea and get down to whatever it is that I needed to focus on.  While my self care techniques are sometimes more elaborate than a simple cup of tea, the notion of taking time to do something for yourself, to gain control of your attitude and your environment, is a very powerful one.

“There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.”

5. Take a mental holiday

The winter holidays are over and it’s the beginning of February.  We’re now in that stretch of the calendar where holidays are few and far between.  For me, that is as good an excuse as any to take my own mental holiday.  Take today and make it your own holiday!

I like to pick days every once in a while for a mental holiday.  I work on exactly what I want and nothing more.  I relax between some loads of laundry.  I cuddle with my pup.  I basically do exactly what my body is calling for.  Bank holidays are great excuses to take a mental holiday.  But what to do though when a bank holiday is nowhere in sight?  Invent your own!

6. Choose one thing

Feeling like you need some space today to relax and rejuvenate, but frustrated because you’re not getting any work done?  You can only choose one.  Feeling pulled in two directions only leads to stress, resentment, or guilt once you choose one.  Knowing that no matter what, you can only choose one thing, lets you off the hook.  

Either push your own needs aside and put your nose to the grind OR take some needed time and space for yourself.  (My two cents:  If I take space for myself now, I’ve found that I then have more energy for work later on.)  Stressed because you need to pack but feeling sick and unmotivated?  You can only choose one.  Either grab your box of portable tissues and pack those boxes, OR put yourself to bed for some rest and relaxation.  Since you can only choose one, think about it, and then choose without any remorse about the loss of the other choice.

7. Talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend

When you’re facing a tough day or a tough situation (or both!), try talking to yourself like you would talk to a really good friend, or to your younger self.  How would you react to your best friend (or the younger you) if he or she lost that big client or didn’t do well in that race or had a less than stellar day?

Would you blame them for the mistake?  Would you pile on all of the other things that your friend did wrong that day?

…I didn’t think so.

What would you actually tell them?  You might try comforting a friend, reminding them of their best qualities, or saying some kind affirmations.

So today, try talking to yourself like you would talk to a very good friend.  You are with yourself all the time for goodness sake!  Treat yourself like your own best friend!  Nurture yourself and be kind.

What are some of your favorite self care practice?  Let us know in the comments!