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At The Critical Mass Conference In Chicago!

critical mass conference

For the next few days I’m in Chicago at the Critical Mass conference!  Did you know that Critical Mass used to be the Livestrong Young Adult Cancer Alliance?

This will be my 2nd time going to the conference and you really couldn’t ask for a grouping of nicer people.  This year the theme of the event is “Elephants in the Room” and is focused on all of the “tough” topics of the young adult cancer world.

Related to treatment and care of AYAs, these issues include sexuality, death and dying, choice and decision-making, family building, and palliative care. On a system level, there are issues of funding evidence-informed approaches, services and care delivery. Through a mix of plenary sessions and small group discussions, we’ll be tackling these “elephants” head on, calling them out and strategizes how to address them, and share resources and information to face them.

Lacuna Loft is here and ready!