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Even Cactuses Take a Break!

A black sign hang lettered with the words "Sorry, we are closed" hanging behind glass.

Cactus Cancer Society offices will be closed from December 26 – January 2 for the New Year holiday. But we don’t want to leave you without support! Here are three ways you can still be your prickly self while we’re away!

  1. Read along with us! Our two past book clubs this year were Wild by Cheryl Strayed and The Martian by Andy Weir. Grab a copy of one, or both, of those books, and read along with us, checking the blog posts for participant reactions and see if you agree or disagree with the opinions offered. 
  2. Sign up for some great programs in the new year! We’ve got Coloring 3.0 with Chelsey Gomez (the brain and experience behind Oh You’re So Tough) as well as Unspoken Ink. In addition, you can also mark Coffee and Oodles on your new 2023 calendar or 30 Minute Tune Up with Jean Rowe. Sign up for those recurring drop-in programs here.
  3. Write for us! We love featuring writing by our community members for our Fresh Ink series. Share your responses with us, and email them to to be featured. (If you’re looking for inspiration, sign up for our weekly journal prompts!)

This is not a goodbye, just a “see you soon” – and as your elementary school teacher probably liked to tell you at the start of winter break – see you next year!