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Have You Heard Of GiveForward?

Today we are sharing about a fantastic company out there called GiveForward! is an online fundraising platform, that helps people raise money to pay for medical (or vet!) bills!  Each fundraising campaign is assigned a Personal Coach from the GiveForward team.  This person helps you start a fundraiser and offers advice and support along the way as well.  GiveForward works really hard to make the fundraising process super easy!  To date, 65,000 people have created a fundraiser through GiveForward and over $90 million has been raised!  One thing I experienced while going through my mother’s treatments and then my own…people ask, How can I help?  Well that answer can now be easily answered for everyone out there feeling the financial strain of going through a medical crisis.

GiveForward helps you start your fundraiser and share your fundraising page with your social network.  The fundraising pages allow you to tell your story and ask for exactly what you need.  You can start a fundraiser for yourself or someone you know! (just click on the image below!)

Raise Money for a Loved One. It's Quick, Easy, and Secure on


Fine Print – Links throughout this post are referral links. If you initiate a fundraiser, Lacuna Loft receives a small commission.  Please understand however, the words and opinions stated above are those of the author.