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Focus Groups

The Focus Group offers a company or research group the opportunity to engage virtually with 12-15 young adults facing cancer between the ages of 18 and 45.  Offering a focus group online allows for engagement with a diverse group of young adults facing cancer, coming from a variety of places around the country, in order to consider the voices of those being treated in a variety of settings from a variety of backgrounds.  The demographics of the young adult cancer patients/survivors may be chosen specifically by the company or research group.  Potential demographics might include BIPOC young adults facing cancer, young adults living rurally, young adults facing a specific cancer diagnosis or receiving a specific pharmaceutical agent, etc. 

How does it work? Cactus Cancer Society staff would meet with the company or research group to determine the goals for the Focus Group, would recruit the individuals to participate, and would handle all logistics pertaining to the Focus Group.  The Focus Group would occur online, allowing for a diverse group of young adults to be represented.  The company or research group representatives would be present at the Focus Group and would lead the discussion with any helpful aid from Cactus Cancer Society.  A set of anonymous surveys would also be used, one offered before and, if needed, one after.  The exact survey measures could be chosen collaboratively by Cactus Cancer Society and the company or research group.

Cactus Cancer Society would also report on key findings, demographics, and other analytics from the Focus Group in a formal reporting document.

Are you from a company or research group and would like to chat more? Please contact

Are you a young adult cancer patient/survivor interested in Focus Group opportunities? Check out the right-hand sidebar to see if there are any current opportunities to join.