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Stephen’s Sanctuary: March 2024

Hello, my friends. Come in. Have a seat. 


I am currently waging the battle of man and coffee vs. daylight savings time. I hope you’re not feeling as thrown off as I am this week. Here are a few things that are helping me regain my equilibrium: 
  • Short day trips.
It’s a simple thing. You don’t need to go too far. Just finding a spot that’s within a 90 minute drive or so, if possible. Maybe it’s somewhere you haven’t been in a few years. Maybe there’s a friend in the area or someone who’s willing to come with or drive you. You don’t need an Airbnb. Just enough gas to get home and back. And a few dollars to enjoy a nice lunch, dinner or a treat. (Or a bag of red licorice scottie dogs.)  It really shakes up the routine of the week in a nice way. 
  • Decompression Television
I’m not talking about a TV show that you really look forward, are emotionally invested in or plan a certain night of the week around. I’m talking about the stuff that you can throw on while you’re working or as you wind down before bed. If it involves Gordon Ramsay yelling at people, shady bars being rescued or people proposing to strangers sight unseen, it’s probably been beamed into my eyeballs after a rough day. And it helps, as insane as that sounds after those brief descriptions. 
I’m enough. And I’m great at doing stuff. 
I hope you are all being good to yourselves, finding ways to decompress and realizing that you are enough. 
Peace, love, Ken-ergy,