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Stephen’s Sanctuary: May 2024

Hello friends. 
Did you see the northern lights? Did you take some cool pics? Did you get too tired and say “ehh I’ll just look at all the people who got a better vantage point post stuff tomorrow” like I did? There’s no shame in that. I needed a good night of sleep too. Here are a few things I did do, though.
Spring Cleaning
It’s funny to scavenge through old stuff. Sometimes you stumble onto things you don’t even remember ever owning. Some things have a sentimental hold on you that you can never quite erase. Though I don’t have kids myself, I do have some kids in my life and it was nice to hand some old toys down. Let the future generations enjoy these old books, toy cars and plush orcas.
Nostalgic Rabbitholes
Remember POGS? If you’re above or below a certain age, you probably don’t. But you have those weird things you haven’t thought about in a while. Something you used to play with or watch when you were a in middle school. Some commercial you couldn’t escape as a kid that makes you laugh now. Head down one of these nostalgic rabbitholes. Fire up something fun on YouTube at the end of a long day that helps you decompress. 
This song has been hitting me, as of late. It’s a guy who has always been charged and motivated by politcal activism taking stock of getting older and enjoying little domestic moments and being in love. Punks have to grow up and we can’t be activists 24 hours a day. It’s exhausting. Take a minute to enjoy listening for the sound of the sea in a big seashell, if you can.
Peace, love, empathy,