Around Lacuna Loft – Summer 2015

As I usually tell you (last summer, last fall, winter, and earlier this spring), Lacuna Loft is a busy place.  We are now an official, 501(c)3 registered, not for profit organization.  We’ve started a book club, made some great food and smoothies, crafted up a storm, been busy in the young adult cancer community, and more.  On top of all of that, the office is busy and making final arrangements for our move to Northern California.  Once everything is done and moved we’ll talk more about it.  In the mean time, our 5 day per week posting schedule may be slightly compromised for the next few weeks as everything is physically and emotionally shipped across the country.

I hope your summers are going by wonderfully!  If you need or want anything from Lacuna Loft, shoot us an email at info(at)lacunaloft(dot)com!

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Around Lacuna Loft – Spring

around Lacuna Loft

Lacuna Loft continues to be a busy and happening place.  (Am I the only one who still uses the word happening?)  We’ve become a Not for Profit Corporation in the State of California and are currently filing for our tax exempt status (which will make us a 501(c)3).  Our founder attended CancerCon in Denver, CO.  We’re preparing for the office’s move to Northern California in August.  We’ve talked about self care, crafting for stress relief, healthy living ideas, and more.  Collaborations are in the works, conversations are underway, and so much great young adult cancer specific content is in store for you!

Look forward to more great DIYs, healthy eating tips and choices, survivorship stories, and more as the spring unfolds!

P.S. Around Lacuna Loft Summer 2014, Fall 2014, Winter 2014/2015.

P.P.S.  Interested in adding your voice to Lacuna Loft this spring?  Email for more information.  Other young adult cancer survivors and caregivers are eager to hear your advice, learn your tricks on dealing with the world, and gaining powerful insights from your stories.

Together we take care of one another.  Together we unite to provide age-appropriate resources to other young adults.

Around Lacuna Loft – Winter

around Lacuna Loft

Lacuna Loft’s office is a busy and bustling place this winter.  We’re getting our ducks in a row for our non profit filing while still offering you age appropriate lifestyle management resources as a young adult dealing with cancer or long term illness.  We are brimming with ideas and inspiration from our founder’s trip to the Critical Mass Annual Conference (more on that soon!) and we’re starting to expand our reach to hospital social workers, nurses, physicians, and anyone who will listen 🙂

As we approach the holidays you can expect more fun DIYs, great recipes and foodie ideas, more stories on survivorship, and much more!

We would love to hear from you!  Let us know what you like here at Lacuna Loft, what you dislike here, and what you would like to see more of!  🙂

Around Lacuna Loft – Fall

Summer is officially wrapping up and the fall is here!  Leaves are starting to turn and the coffee shops have everything pumpkin on rotation in full force.

Around Lacuna Loft, things have been super busy.  We’ve added a few new things to our shop and are starting to explore some brand new business structures.  The ultimate goal is to continue providing you with tools and resources for your day as a young adult dealing with cancer or long term illness.  Young adult survivors and caregivers need age-appropriate care and Lacuna Loft is committed to helping you manage your new day-to-day life with crisis.  We’ll keep you updated as things unfold!

In the next few weeks we have some super creative DIYs and style tutorials coming out as well as a whole lot more cancer and illness related articles.  We’ll talk about food, yoga, fertility, family, friends, and much more.  If you’d like less of one thing and more of something else, don’t hesitate to let us know!







Around Lacuna Loft










So much has been going on around Lacuna Loft!  We have some new DIYs coming up.  I took a vacation, traveling to England with my family.  I have some great posts in the works having to do with that.  There have also been some exciting business meetings around the Lacuna Loft office.  Our connections are growing and we’re finding new ways to bring you awesome content and reach out to more and more young adult survivors out there.  We have some cool foodie posts in the works as well…exploring some alternative eating.  My husband passed his PhD defense which was really exciting!  He is just a step away from being a full-fledged, Doctor of Philosophy.  And…as always, I work from home much of the time which means that I work along side too wonderful furry black mutts. 🙂