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Welcome Claire!

Lacuna Loft is excited to continue introducing more young adult voices! These great folks represent a variety of perspectives on the myriad of topics covered here at Lacuna Loft. Before everyone starts really getting into the nitty-gritty of all they have to say, we wanted to introduce them a bit. Without further ado, here is Claire!

Claire DiCenzo is a breast cancer survivor of 18 months. She was diagnosed at the early age of 29, and finished treatment right after her 30th birthday. In those short 6 months, she learned more about herself and life than she could have ever imagined.  Claire is a first grade teacher in Connecticut and has been teaching for 8 years. She loves each day with her students, as they shed new and exciting light with their perspective on the world. It was important to her to continue working throughout her treatment. She currently lives with her boyfriend and their small dog, Zuma. She knew before being diagnosed that “Everything happened for a reason,” but now even more than ever she knows that that statement is her mindset to live by.

You can find her own blog, here!