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Workin’ It Out

I know Mallory has referenced what her self-care post-cancer looks like, and going for long walks with her 2 adorable pups made the list. Personally, I have never been an athlete in any traditional sense (seriously, have never been on a sports team in my life), but creating time for fitness has been a priority for me since graduating college. Some of this is related to my self-image (I know I do not feel good about myself if I haven’t been running and/or have put on extra pounds), some is related to wanting to be as healthy as I can be (…and to compensate for my less than healthy choices—lookin’ at you, beers & burgers). I aim for a few traditional “treadmill/weights at gym” sessions a week, and also try to get in plenty of long walks around Chicago with my fiance’ and our pup. As long as I could run a 5k with no advance notice, I don’t worry too much (you just never know when a Color or Mud run might present itself!).

I think everyone has very different preferences on their workout wear, but just thought I’d list some of my favorites. I feel like I’ve purchased so many duds over the years (skorts that ride up, bras with zero support), so I always enjoy hearing what works for others people. I have thighs that do not tolerate short-shorts and boobs that can’t make do with a flimsy top, but I think most of these pieces could work for anyone. My go-to place for budget-friendly workout clothes? Target (Of course. I love you too much, Target). I also love GapFit’s and Athleta’s pieces, though they’re not as budget friendly.

photo 2

1. C9 by Champion High Support Sports Bra: The only sports bra I’ve found that, for under $25, actually provides good support and coverage.

2. C9 by Champion Women’s Singlet: My favorite top to layer over the sports bra above. I sweat A LOT while running, so if I can avoid sleeves, I do! I bought this one a size big for a looser fit.

3. GapFit gFast cropped capris: I think the exact pairs I have are no longer available, but anything made with the material GapFit uses is my favorite. Again, how much I sweat means that the cheaper cotton-blend Target varieties don’t work well for me as bottoms. Wait for a 40% off sale!

4. Crush Dress Stripe: My Swiss friends introduced me to this brand. It’s not cheap, though their sales can be pretty nice. I obviously don’t go for runs in this dress, but have loved going for long walks in it, feeling a little more put together when my destination might be a restaurant (…but one that is 1.5 miles away). My fiance’ is loving their tees. We got engaged while hiking, and I almost wish I had been wearing this instead. Okay, probably wouldn’t have been as functional as the tank/shorts I had on in reality, but still…

Do you have any go-to stores for workout gear? What do you like to do to work on your fitness?