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Happy National Caregivers Month!

November is National Caregiver Month, and Cactus Cancer Society wants to honor and celebrate all of the incredible caregivers in our community! There’s no way to properly thank you for everything you do, but we want to highlight you and offer a token of appreciation for our thanks!

In honor of these amazing caregivers, we have a few extra things going on this month!

First up is our Caregiver and Survivor Game Night! Grab your caregiver and mark your calendar for November 8th from 4:00-5:00pm PT / 6:00-7:00pm CT / 7:00-8:00pm ET. This fun event is here to offer you a brief pause in the midst of nonstop appointments and pressing demands on your heart. You can make some snacks at home, pop in for some friendly competition, or get takeout and make a full night of it!

We’re partnering with The Negative Space, an organization committed to ensuring that caregivers remain a part of the story. Together, we’re having a giveaway, because what better way to celebrate someone than with some free stuff?! Click below to nominate your caregiver for a great giveaway featuring goodies from both organizations!

We’ll be highlighting caregivers and shining some light on what it’s like to be a young adult caregiver on our Young Adult Voices Blog. We’ll share some stories from The Negative Space community and from caregivers who are part of the Cactus Cancer Society community, so head to our blog to read more!