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Ask A Cactus

Welcome to the newest program at Cactus Cancer Society, Ask A Cactus! Have a burning question about the YA Cancer survivorship experience? Ever wonder how another YA patient/survivor made a specific decision? Curious how other YAs rework a busy lifestyle once hearing the words “You have cancer.”? Stay tuned as we start to learn from others in the community of YAs facing cancer.

How does it work?

We’ll choose an important topic, introduce you to an expert on that topic, and then invite you to submit your questions to be answered by them. The expert will then partner up with a few young adult cancer survivors to answer all your questions.  The experts will create small videos and short written excerpts addressing questions, one at a time, and together we’ll start learning about everything from nutrition to pharmaceutical research, fertility concerns, different lived experiences, and more.

Side-Effect Management

Ask a Cactus: Side Effect Management

It's the first video of our Ask a Cactus: Side Effect Management, and our expert Ryan is here to introduce himself and share about his experience.

Ask a Cactus: But Am I Being Too Dramatic?

Check out this video on patient and provider communication for young adults facing cancer and their care teams. Whether you’re interested in advocating for yourself, learning more about patient and

Ask a Cactus: Speak Out! Self-Advocacy and Side Effects

Check out this video on driving your own bus, speaking up for yourself, and advocating for yourself as a young adult facing cancer. Whether you’re interested in advocating for yourself,

Ask a Cactus: Top Draft Picks for Your Team

Check out this video on getting to know your healthcare team, who you can ask for, and who you can count on as a young adult facing cancer. Plus, some

Ask a Cactus: Who To Ask and Where To Look

Check out this video on knowing if a symptom is normal, decoding medical terminology on the internet, and learning as much as you can as a young adult facing cancer.

Fertility & Family Building

Our Next Ask a Cactus: Fertility & Family Building

Meet our next expert for Act a Cactus: Catherine Benedict, PhD, to discuss family building!

Ask a Cactus: Fertility After Cancer Treatment

It's the second video of our Ask a Cactus: Fertility & Family Building, and our expert Catherine is here to answer a question on so many patients' minds: how has

Ask a Cactus: Types of Fertility Treatments

Yesterday, we learned how different types of cancer treatment may have impacted fertility. Today, Catherine will discuss the types of fertility treatments available.


Ask A Cactus: Let’s Talk Nutrition

Meet Alison Meagher, MS, RDN, as she prepares to answer all our burning questions about nutrition and cancer.

Ask a Cactus: Dietician vs. Nutritionist

Our expert Alison is here to answer an important question: what's the difference between a dietician and a nutritionist?

Ask a Cactus: What’s Up With Sugar and Cancer?!

So... does sugar *really* feed cancer? Our expert Alison gives us scientifically-backed information!

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