We’re Opening A Library! (Kind Of)

open books

Announcing the Lacuna Loft Young Adult Cancer Library!  A new initiative, the Lacuna Loft Library is our effort at upcycling our book club books!  We often receive requests for book club books after that round of the young adult cancer book club is done.  Unfortunately, we don’t keep any extra books in stock in our office so we’ve not been able to fulfill such requests.  That is all changing now!  Using the young adult cancer library, we can now easily share books with one another!

Have you participated in a book club and are ready to pass on your book?  Fill this out and a member of the Lacuna Loft team will reach out to you with where you can send your book.  Then you can place your book in the mail (we recommend media rate- this is super cheap!) and we will pass it on to another young adult cancer program participant who requests one!  This way your slightly used book can be read by a fellow young adult cancer patient, survivor, and/or caregiver.

Interested in getting a Lacuna Loft Library book that you missed out on? You can fill this out to request one!

Questions? Feel free to reach out to aerial@lacunaloft.org!