Christina’s Corner: January 27, 2023

A wooden board with bread, meat, olives, cheese, and asparagus.

I’ve been examining a lot of my thoughts and behaviors lately, inspired by books and podcasts I’ve spent time consuming. The biggest question that I’ve come up with is: who made this rule for you? Why do you follow it? Gosh. What a big question. And the answer is equally big: I don’t know, it’s just something I thought adults did. I just thought that adults meal planned. I assumed adults didn’t rest unless everything on their to do list was done. I grew up seeing homes that looked a certain way, and though that’s not something I care about particularly, it’s what I did.

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Show Off Your Knowledge at Palentine’s Trivia!

It’s time to get the crew together – not only to celebrate The Power of Friendship™ but to show your stuff at Palentine’s Day Trivia!

We’ll be having a two-hour virtual trivia night in our brand-new Cactus HQ, complete with virtual pizza and drinks and mini-games. You can come with a pre-formed group, or show up solo and we’ll assign you to a team of friends you just haven’t met yet.

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Christina’s Corner: January 20, 2023

A dated planner open on a white tabletop with a cup of coffee in an espresso-sized cup in the corner. There is also a basket lined with a towel containing baked goods.

Is it February yet? My two least favorite months, in order, are 1. April and 2. The second half of January. Maybe it’s the rain talking for me, or the fact that I don’t want to take down my Christmas tree because I’m feeling especially cottage core at the moment, but I’m feeling lost in time. Never fear: I found a few ways this week to mark, nay, enjoy the passage of time.

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Christina’s Corner: January 13, 2023

A cherry blossom branch overhands a view of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, DC.

It’s a long weekend for many here in the United States. Whether that means that you have off from work, or simply don’t get the mail delivered that day, I encourage you to think about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King’s words are just as relevant now as they were then, because the same injustices run rampant in our society in 2023 as they did in the 1960s.

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