Have You Heard Of Mend Together?

Lacuna Loft loves sharing resources we find valuable with you and today is no different. Few people probably know that Lacuna Loft started out as a sole proprietorship where we sold ‘cancer care packages’ for loved ones to buy a patient or survivor in their life. It had all of those great products that we as patients and survivors know are super helpful when you’re going through cancer treatment and entering survivorship. Out of that grew Lacuna Loft as you know it today, a nonprofit where we host psychosocial and support programs for young adults facing cancer, but it’s always been important to me to figure out how to get what’s needed most into the hands of young adults with cancer.

With that in mind, have you heard of Mend Together? They are a platform where you can organize what you need with your family and friends into a gift + cash registry. Think the knot or amazon wish lists but even better because Mend Together is specifically designed for cancer patients and survivors.

It’s so hard sometimes to respond when well-meaning family and friends ask, “How can I help?” Especially when sometimes you just really need a specific kind of toothpaste to help with dry mouth, a pair of cozy socks for the infusion room, or maybe just Tuesday night dinner. Mend Together is a free platform that helps organize exactly what you need. You pick the items you need and add them to the registry. They even have tools on the platform that help others learn what to say and do for someone facing cancer! Mend Together includes a gift + cash registry, community journal, and volunteer calendar.

If you’re interested in setting up a registry, use the code LACUNA100. That will get you a free Cancer Support Kit that includes free gifts, resources, and a $100 in-site credit to use on Mend Together’s products and services. Mend Together will also donate $20 to Lacuna Loft to help support our mission and programs.

How does it work?

Patients/Survivors of a friend/family member can create a free registry and add over 300 products, services, and cash funds to it as well as send updates to loved ones. Friends and family can then choose a gift to send, contribute funds for financial assistance, send encouraging words, or donate time.

Learn more about how to help people rally around you when you need them most using Mend Together.