CancerOwl Is Taking Submissions


Have you heard of  He is a totally rad young adult cancer survivor who has spent the last year or so telling his story via comic!  He draws himself as an owl and creatively brings you along as he tells various pieces of his own story.

Now he is taking submissions to help tell other peoples’ stories too!  You can submit your story here!

P.S.  Matt from is also leading our Comic Workshop!  There is still time to sign up!

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Welcome Matthew, Cancer, Owls, Etc!

colorectal cancer survivor

Lacuna Loft is excited to continue introducing some guest bloggers! These great folks represent a variety of perspectives on the myriad of topics covered here at Lacuna Loft. Before everyone starts really getting into the nitty-gritty of all they have to say, we wanted to introduce them a bit. Without further ado, here is Matt!

Hi to all my cancer peeps and those interested in cancer stuff!

My name’s Matthew Paul Mewhorter, AKA: Cancer Owl.


I make cartoons about having cancer and draw myself as an owl.  Yeah, you read that right. Don’t believe me? Go to and see what I mean. I love making these cartoons, and lots of other people love them too.

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Almost a year ago, I was doing my thing as a therapist, husband and father in Virginia,  when I got the news that I had colorectal cancer. Yikes! And since that diagnosis, I’ve been poked, prodded, examined, scanned, poisoned, burned, cut up and given a bag on my belly to poop in. In other words, excellent material for a cartoon!

Lacuna Loft has been generous enough to allow me to share my experiences with you, and I hope you find the same kind of hope and humor in reading my work as I do making them.