Coping With Cancer As A Young Adult

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The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has a young adult specific program that helps young adults cope with their very specific emotional and physical needs encountered during a cancer diagnosis.  In July, they hosted a live broadcast of young adults all talking about their experiences with cancer as young adults.  Coping with cancer as a young adult is different than coping with cancer as a child or as an older adult.  While not minimizing the impact that cancer has on anyone, at any stage of their lives, each of these age groups require different resources and Dana-Farber’s young adult program is taking steps to address these needs.

Each of the young adults in the broadcast were wonderfully candid and honest during the discussion.  I experienced strong feelings of isolation during my cancer treatments and into my survivorship.  Knowing that other young adults are out there dealing with cancer diagnoses too…and dealing with so many of the things that I have dealt with or are currently struggling with, has been a supremely powerful experience.

Over and over, young adult cancer survivors are showing the world their strength and courage.  Over and over, young adult cancer survivors are proving that we need age-approriate care and resources.  And we need them now.

Watch the video and let us know what you think!  Many of the young adults in the program are also active on twitter so feel free to connect with them!  (we did!)  Connect with other survivors out there!  We are here for one another because no one should go through this alone.

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