Free Online Games To Take Your Young Adult Cancer Blues Away

free online games

Sometimes being a young adult cancer survivor means that you have some extra time on your hands.  Lacuna Loft has had several posts on different ways to spend your time but today we’re talking about the world of free online games.

When I was in treatment, I just couldn’t concentrate very well during chemo sessions…my personal space was limited and there were so many people wandering around and in and out of the room.  Then I discovered a monopoly app on my phone…goodness did I spend hours playing monopoly 🙂  Have you tried online mahjong or easy online games?  What about something more complicated (though still free to play) like League of Legends?  This site even offers online cards among other games!  (if you couldn’t tell, I LOVE card games!)  🙂  Another one of my personal favorites?  Online risk 🙂  Looking for something a little different?  A friend of mine suggested this online capture the flag game!

Since smart phones seem to dominate so much of our lives…why not put them to work?  With all of the great poker, spades, solitaire, trivia, photo, puzzle, whatever else you can imagine apps out there, you’re bound to find something to keep your attention!

Playing online games isn’t just for the survivors…find yourself at treatments as a caregiver or at home with a few minutes to spare?  Need a few moments of relaxation and something to occupy your mind?  Free online games might be just what you need too!  Are you the friend of a young adult cancer survivor or chronic illness sufferer?  Try bringing over a game to play…or playing a free online game together!

What free online games do you like to play to keep busy when young adult cancer or chronic illness strikes?

P.S. free online puzzles & free printable coloring pages