Share Your Thoughts About Fertility And Family Building After YA Cancer

game of life

Today we’re sharing about a study that is trying to understand young adult female cancer survivors’ experiences related to their fertility and family-building after treatment — the care and counseling they receive post-treatment, unmet needs, and barriers to support. The researchers are going to take what they learn from this study to build a decision aid and planning tool (website) to help young women think through the decisions they face and plan ahead – medically, psychologically, and financially.

Share your thoughts and feelings about fertility and building a family after cancer. Researchers are trying to understand how to improve cancer care to make sure all patients receive the information and support they need to make decisions and prepare for the future.

This study is funded by the National Cancer Institute.

You can learn more here!

P.S.  Total aside, but not really: the old board game LIFE is where the image comes from.  We need to get some gender diversity up in there!  How about a car with all pink?  Or all blue?  🙂