Want to Make Real Change In 5 Minutes?

telephone booth

Young adult cancer patient and survivor stories and voices are powerful.  When you use your voice to help make change, you are helping yourself and every other cancer patient and survivor who comes after you have better access to support and care.  This morning I got an email from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with really important information on how you can, in just a few minutes, make change with your voice in a very tangible way.  It only takes a few minutes to call the number below and they’ve even provided speaking points so you don’t have to figure out what to say by yourself if you don’t want to!  Will you call today?  I did!

Congress is considering an important bill this week that would stop the spread of dangerous junk insurance plans which discriminate against patients with pre-existing conditions. This is just one of seven bills that have been packaged together to protect and expand meaningful health care access and promote affordability for patients.

We have a chance to pass this meaningful legislation and protect patients, and we need your voice with us to convince Congress to act. Will you make your 1 minute call today?

Just dial 1-855-980-5634 to be connected with your representative – a recording will walk you through some talking points, and we’ve also included a script below. When someone at the office picks up, just say:

Hi, I’m [your name], one of your constituents from [your city]. I’m calling to ask my elected officials to stand with cancer patients and vote YES on H.R. 987 to stop discrimination against patients based on pre-existing conditions. The Strengthening Health Care and Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act will protect and expand meaningful health care access and promote affordability for patients across the country.

[If you want, you can tell them why this issue matters to you and your loved ones.]

It’ll only take a minute, but your quick call will help rein in junk insurance plans.

These plans are meant to cover short periods of time – but they use dangerous loopholes to avoid important patient protections: they often have no limit on cost-sharing, no guaranteed coverage for essential cancer care like prescription drugs and no protection against annual or lifetime limits on care. Without these protections, cancer treatment is often out of reach.

Please call 1-855-980-5634 today to support H.R. 987 and then forward this message to your friends and family and ask them to do the same.