“Genetic Testing in Oncology To Improve Clinical Outcomes”

myoncopath white paper

I’m super excited to share a white paper with you today from MyOncoPath, an innovative company helping cancer patients and their healthcare providers identify genetic testing that could play a role in personalizing cancer treatment plans.  They also provide a hereditary risk assessment for patients and family members with preventative care.  They are a telemedicine clinic working to support patients and healthcare providers!

Genetic testing is one of those things that we keep hearing more and more about but it’s great when a company actually explains a topic’s importance and breaks down all of those clinical-sounding terms!  MyOncoPath has written a white paper doing just those things, entitled, “Use of Genetic Testing in Oncology to Improve Clinical Outcomes in Preventative Care and Personalized Medicine.”

“Hereditary tests are important for patients already diagnosed with cancer, as the results can expose crucial information about the specific, most effective treatments available, the patient’s risk of cancer recurrence, and the risk of the patient’s blood relatives developing cancer.”

Check out the rest of the report!