Lacuna Loft Is At CancerCon This Weekend!


This weekend, Lacuna Loft will be in Denver for CancerCon!  Brett, our tech and design guy, will be at the booth all weekend so stop by and say hello!  I’ll be running around as well, helping out with the conference, so if you see me, stop and say hello!

Want to hear something super exciting?  Our booth will have GIVEAWAYS!  If you stop by and hand over your email address, you’ll be entered to win our giveaways!

Giveaway #1.  A signed copy of Everything Changes: The Insider’s Guide to Cancer in Your 20s and 30s.  This has been our book club book for the past few weeks and it is really really good!

Giveaway #2.  A Scrapbook Journaling kit.  This kit includes a crisp, new lined journal, a journaling pen, a packet of single word stickers, a THINK BIG stamp and stamp pad, and two different sets of chipboard stickers for added embellishment.

Giveaway #3.  A Game kit.  A crossword puzzle book, a Sudoku puzzle book, an origami book, and a package of origami paper.  Great for keeping you busy before, during, and after those pesky chemo treatments.

Giveaway #4.  We’ll have a great surprise for you from our friends over at Treatmint Box.

Super fun, right?!  We’ll also have candy…because, why not?  🙂

Who will we see in Denver at CancerCon?