Get Back To Work After Cancer With The Manager’s Kit

back to work after cancer

Young adult cancer changes a lot.  We talk about that over and over and over and over here at Lacuna Loft.  Getting back to “normal” life after cancer is challenging.  Are you a young adult cancer survivor looking to get back to work after cancer?  Cancer and Careers, a wonderful organization based in New York, created a kit just for you.  The Manager’s Kit is “designed for you to give to your boss to help start or smooth the conversation.”

The Manager’s Kit includes an explanation on how to use the kit, a “dear supervisor” letter to offer your employer from Cancer and Careers, a list of “need-to-know” laws and privacy laws, work strategies, and so much more.

If you’re going back to work after your diagnosis and feel that sharing your cancer history will help, this Manager’s Kit offers all of the resources you’ll need to get back to work while figuring out your “new normal” (and helping your employer figure it out too!).

Request your own Manager’s Kit here.

images via Cancer and Careers