Getting Volume Out Of Your Pixie Cut

volume pixie

Getting used to short hair takes some practice and figuring out how to make it do what you want takes even more practice.  🙂  Getting your pixie to stand out and be fun and bouncy is always a top priority when you have short hair after chemo (or any time!).  If you haven’t seen it already, check out Sarah Bryant’s youtube and Instagram.  Her hair is awesome and her hair tutorials are really easy to follow.  (Her make up tutorials are fun too!)  When I go and get my hair cut, I bring a picture of her hair along with me.

This video shows how she gets her pixie super voluminous (and also shows how to afix a graduation cap as a random bonus).  Try it out!  Let us know how you like to style your pixie as your hair is growing back in!

Sleek Bun on Short Hair Tutorial

short hair video tutorial

Another day, another awesome tutorial for short hair!  Tondie makes this transformation look super easy and the transformation to a long hair bun is beautiful!  She has an entire youtube channel with great videos of both hair and makeup tutorials!

Do you have any favorite tutorials for hair or makeup?  Any favorite youtube channels?  Let us know!

Faux Hawk Pixie Tutorial

faux hawk pixie tutorial

I’ve always found that hair tutorial videos are just what I need to get out of my short hair funk…or my ‘goodness gracious what the heck do I do with this short hair’ kind of funk too!  For this exact reason, I absolutely love this faux hawk pixie tutorial from Sarah Louwho.  In fact, all of the videos this lovely lady does are awesome whether they are hair or makeup related.  Sooo, if you need any short hair tutorials, definitely check out her youtube page!

Psst…she’s on instagram too!