Student Loan Deferment for Active Cancer Treatment Act

student loan deferment for young adult cancer survivors

Critical Mass, an organization that we here at Lacuna Loft absolutely love, has helped introduce a bill that would amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to allow for the deferment of certain student loans during a period in which a borrower is receiving treatment for cancer.  Critical Mass is The Young Adult Cancer Alliance, the full-time federal advocacy arm of the entire adolescent and young adult cancer community.  Their mission is to advance policies that will transform the United States cancer care and delivery system to better serve adolescent and young adult patients and survivors.

From Kate Houghton, CEO of Critical Mass, “This is the Alliance’s first piece of legislation that specifically addresses a barrier young adult cancer patients are facing as they fight to survive their treatment. We need full engagement from the AYA community if we are going to cut through the noise that is currently surrounding Capitol Hill. This piece of legislation isn’t just a small fix on a big problem, it is the start of substantive change and more importantly recognition that young people can and do get cancer. Let’s show Capitol Hill what a critical mass really looks like!”

Your voice is needed!  Tweet about it, talk about it, facebook post about it, write a letter to Congress about it, use your voice!  Tell your student loan story and help pass this important legislation for future young adult cancer survivors!

You can learn more here.  Click here for a draft email to send to your email list.