Register TODAY For The Young Adult Cancer Action Day

young adult cancer action day

Let’s storm Washington for the first ever Young Adult Cancer Day.

June 21!  This day will be much more than just knocking on doors — you’ll also receive training from legislation and policy experts so that you’ll be better informed on young adult issues, more confident in meeting with lawmakers, and more persuasive in making your case on Action Day (and in the future)!

REGISTER TODAY!  Lacuna Loft will reimburse the registration cost for the first 3 people who register using our discount code!!!  (Just send us proof of registration to!

It’s time our lawmakers heard from us – the ones who were “too young” for cancer. It’s time they work with us to transform young adult cancer care in the United States.

Registration will be open until June 15, 2018. Your registration fee includes:

  • Training session with policy and advocacy experts;
  • Materials to leave with policymakers and take home so you can follow-up;
  • Digital organizer filled with maps, your meeting schedule, and talking points;
  • Kick-Off breakfast with special guests and Members of Congress;
  • Welcome reception and networking with AYA advocates from across the country; and
  • Action Day Happy Hour with national health care leaders.

Have hotel, transportation, and/or schedule questions? Everything you need to know can be found here. (Just remember, if you’re registering use this link for Lacuna Loft’s discount code!)

Petition To Preserve Adolescent And Young Adult Fertility

preserve adolescent and young adult cancer fertility

The National Cancer Institute estimates that each year nearly one-quarter of all new cancer diagnosis will impact men and women of reproductive age. Cancer patients have a very short window to decide to preserve fertility whether prior to treatment or in between surgery and chemotherapy. However, half of adolescents and young adults aren’t told treatment will impact their fertility.

For those who do know, cost stops them. Fertility preservation is not covered by the majority of insurance companies and protecting parenthood is not a standard part of cancer care like reconstruction after a mastectomy. For a young woman this means spending $15,000 out-of-pocket even before cancer treatment begins.

Nine states – Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont, and Maryland – have active legislation pending to require insurance companies to cover fertility preservation or expand access to infertility benefits.

Sign Critical Mass’s petition to let policymakers across the country know that you support protecting parenthood after a cancer diagnosis.

Student Loan Deferment for Active Cancer Treatment Act

student loan deferment for young adult cancer survivors

Critical Mass, an organization that we here at Lacuna Loft absolutely love, has helped introduce a bill that would amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to allow for the deferment of certain student loans during a period in which a borrower is receiving treatment for cancer.  Critical Mass is The Young Adult Cancer Alliance, the full-time federal advocacy arm of the entire adolescent and young adult cancer community.  Their mission is to advance policies that will transform the United States cancer care and delivery system to better serve adolescent and young adult patients and survivors.

From Kate Houghton, CEO of Critical Mass, “This is the Alliance’s first piece of legislation that specifically addresses a barrier young adult cancer patients are facing as they fight to survive their treatment. We need full engagement from the AYA community if we are going to cut through the noise that is currently surrounding Capitol Hill. This piece of legislation isn’t just a small fix on a big problem, it is the start of substantive change and more importantly recognition that young people can and do get cancer. Let’s show Capitol Hill what a critical mass really looks like!”

Your voice is needed!  Tweet about it, talk about it, facebook post about it, write a letter to Congress about it, use your voice!  Tell your student loan story and help pass this important legislation for future young adult cancer survivors!

You can learn more here.  Click here for a draft email to send to your email list.

Affordable Care ACT FAQ From Critical Mass

Affordable Care Act FAQ

Lucky for us, Critical Mass has been staying completely on top of all of the changes that are happening in Washington to the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a the ACA or Obamacare.

Critical Mass has even put together a great FAQ that you can find here.  Have questions?  Now many of them are put together all in one place!  Changes are happening rapidly as the House of Representatives and the Senate decide on exactly what “repeal and replace” of the ACA will look like but now you have the information you need to be informed.  If you find that you still have questions, Critical Mass has set up a text system where you can send your questions.

Have you sent any questions yet?  Let us know!

Affordable Care Act FAQ

Mission Control

Mission Control

Looking for a place where all of the young adult cancer resources can be found?  Lacuna Loft has our resource page but if you want the list in an organized database, divided up by geographic location and type of resource, check out Mission Control brought to you by Critical Mass.

By typing in your zip code, and then choosing the type of resource you are looking for, you arrive at a list of young adult cancer specific resources that are perfect for your specifications.

types of resources


Lacuna Loft is a part of Mission Control because we believe in the impact that Critical Mass: The Young Adult Cancer Alliance can have on the young adult cancer community.

Have you used Mission Control to find resources before?  Check it out!

At The Critical Mass Conference In Chicago!

critical mass conference

For the next few days I’m in Chicago at the Critical Mass conference!  Did you know that Critical Mass used to be the Livestrong Young Adult Cancer Alliance?

This will be my 2nd time going to the conference and you really couldn’t ask for a grouping of nicer people.  This year the theme of the event is “Elephants in the Room” and is focused on all of the “tough” topics of the young adult cancer world.

Related to treatment and care of AYAs, these issues include sexuality, death and dying, choice and decision-making, family building, and palliative care. On a system level, there are issues of funding evidence-informed approaches, services and care delivery. Through a mix of plenary sessions and small group discussions, we’ll be tackling these “elephants” head on, calling them out and strategizes how to address them, and share resources and information to face them.

Lacuna Loft is here and ready!