Know Exactly When Programs Are Announced

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Since coming back after our July programming break, we’ve had a lot of program announcements.  We’ve started August off with a bang and there is so much more to come this year!  We have about 12 programs that run throughout every month.  Some of them are hosted directly here on our website (like the Young Adult Voices Blog, Awkward Auntie, the Book Club, and more) but some of them happen at a scheduled day and time via video chat (like the Creative Art Workshops, Creative Writing Workshop, YAC Hangouts, Game Nights, How to Turn Your Story Into Change Workshop, and more).

Have you ever wondered how you might go about knowing exactly when a specific program is announced?  We have a way for you to specify your program preferences and get notifications when the programs you’re interested in are announced each month!  Now you won’t have to make sure you’ve spotted a post on Facebook letting you know when it’s time to sign up for the next Creative Art Workshop for instance (we know…they fill up super fast!) or when the next Game Night is being hosted.  An announcement will be sent directly to your email letting you know when it’s time, wherever you happen to be!

Click here to sign up to be notified when programs are announced by choosing your specific program preferences under ‘Programs you’re interested in.’ (Feel free to choose to be notified when as many different programs as you want are announced!)