Lacuna Loft Featured On The We Have Cancer Podcast

we have cancer podcast interview

I was recently interviewed by the fabulous Lee Silverstein of the WE Have Cancer podcast!  Lee and I had a wonderful conversation about adolescent and young adult cancer survivorship, Lacuna Loft, about my path from being an aerospace engineer to becoming a nonprofit leader, and so much more.  Lee has done so many great interviews so make sure to check out the WE Have Cancer Show website and all of the other great people he’s spoken with.

Check out the interview here!  Let us know what you think!

Why We Haven’t Found A Cure For Cancer

curing cancer

SciShow is a youtube channel that I absolutely love.  They tackle everything from why cats purr to varicose veins to bitcoin to everything in between.  Today we’re sharing a video they did about a year about about why we haven’t found a cure for cancer…yet!  The video is fairly scientific but really interesting.

“We haven’t found a cure for cancer because it isn’t a single disease.”  Man oh man, how complicated the human body is!

Our Founder Interviewed By Cure Magazine!

cure magazine

Our founder, Mallory, was recently interviewed by Cure Magazine for an article on young adult cancer.  In the article, the on-going discussion of whether cancer is becoming trendy is examined.

Now we open up the question to you all!  What do you think of these movies and shows on the Hollywood scene that depict young adult cancer?  I have to admit that I am a believer in the show, Chasing Life.  I have issues with a lot of the rest though I’m open to new ways of looking at the world!  What do you think?  Yay?  Nay?

You can read the entire Cure Magazine article here!

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Our Founder On The Stupid Cancer Show!

the stupid cancer show

Did you know that there is an awesome radio show just for young adult cancer survivors and caregivers?  It’s a weekly radio show/podcast/dose of awesomeness put on by Stupid Cancer called the Stupid Cancer Show.

I had a great time talking with Matthew Zachary, Founder and CEO of Stupid Cancer, last week.  He is a dynamic personality who immediately makes you feel at ease and excited to be present.  I met him at the Critical Mass conference last year and then again at CancerCon a few months ago.  We talked about my past as a Rocket Scientist, going from being a caregiver to being a cancer survivor, Matthew’s current series in the US News & World Report, fertility and emotional support, and so much more.  Connecting with other young adult cancer survivors is a powerful thing…whether you’re in person, online, or on a radio show.

More about the show in general…

“Produced by Stupid Cancer, the Stupid Cancer Radio Show is a multi-award-winning talk radio podcast that has given voice to the young adult cancer movement and elevated the cause into the global spotlight.”

You can hear the whole episode here or here!  The entire episode (and the whole series of episodes) is super informative and entertaining.

Our Founder As A Featured mAss Kicker!

young adult cancer survivor

As the Founder of Lacuna Loft, I love talking and collaborating with other organizations.  Recently, I did an interview with Eric Galvez, Founder and Executive Director of mASS Kickers.  In the interview I talked about my personal cancer journey, some of my hobbies and past times, and all about the path that Lacuna Loft has taken.  As a young adult cancer survivor, sharing my story has been one of the ways that I help advocate for age-appropriate resources for other young adult survivors and caregivers.

Here’s an excerpt…

mASS Kicker excerpt

Read the whole article here!

Sharing My Story At The Relay Speaker Series

As many of you know, I have shared much of my story, here on Lacuna Loft.  I’ve talked about my fertility story and fears, about my caregiving journey, my exploration with sewing, how coloring was a wonderful activity for me during chemo, how I try and remember that I am tough as nails, how so much of my story belongs to my mother, how I helped pack up my childhood home, how I now eat donuts, and a lot more.  One thing I had never done until last week though?  Share my story verbally, in front of a group of people.

I was nervous as I walked in the room for the Relay Speaker Series talk that I gave last week in Tuscola, IL.  Thoughts of Why would anyone want to hear my story? circled through my head as I put my notes on the podium and anxiously waited for everyone to get seated.  And then…I told my story, and it went really well!  I was asked to speak for 30-45 minutes.  Well that seemed like a whole lot of my story all at once but we all made it through 🙂

Thanks to some much needed validation gained from my trip to CancerCon, I was able to speak clearly and without hesitation about the hurdles that I’ve overcome in the last couple of years.  I was able to talk with gusto about how my cancer survivorship is still an ongoing process and about how my changed identity can be related to by people from all walks of life, with or without their own cancer diagnosis.

For some reason though, talking with people face to face still makes me quite nervous…waaayyy more nervous than putting my story here on Lacuna Loft!  Look forward to seeing a video of the talk up here soon.

Have you publicly talked about your cancer journey or caregiver journey?  Did it make you nervous?

P.S. If you want to write here, on Lacuna Loft, email for more information!

Lacuna Loft At The Relay Speaker Series

Relay Speaker Series

I’m speaking tomorrow (April 28th) at the Tuscola Public Library as part of the Relay Speaker Series.  The talk starts at 6 pm and the whole event should last about an hour.  I’ll be talking about my personal story, what led me to start Lacuna Loft, and all of the cool things that Lacuna Loft does.

I’ve never done a live, public speaking event on behalf of Lacuna Loft…besides a radio show but I suppose that really isn’t live for most people.  I’m really nervous and excited!

Let me know if you live in Central Illinois and are going to the event!  The facebook event page describes location details and the like.  To learn more about Relay for Life in Douglas County go here.

Lacuna Loft On The Radio!

Lacuna Loft was recently featured on Central Illinois Business Radio!  You can listen to the entire show here or (if you’re impatient) if you just want to listen to the bit about Lacuna Loft, click on the “Download Now!” link just above the play button and fast forward to the 24 minute mark.

It was such a great honor to talk to Alex Ruggieri about Lacuna Loft.  We spoke together about some of our background story, where I see LL going in the future, and why exactly age-appropriate resources are necessary for young adults dealing with cancer.

Listen to the show and let us know what you think!

Lacuna Loft Featured In Smile Politely

Lacuna Loft was recently featured in Smile Politely, Champaign-Urbana’s online magazine.  The whole interview process was a lot of fun (Thanks Katie!) and we hope that the article helps to share some of the cool stuff that we are doing here, over at Lacuna Loft!

To check out the article, click here!