Survival Is Insufficient

Now there is scientific research showing that the young adult cancer population, aged 18-39, is the most isolated age-group who experiences cancer, and that this isolation is linked to all sorts of quality of life issues. It affects survival rates, reintegration into normal life, and a host of other things. There is data showing that surviving cancer is not enough, we must also be helped to thrive. There is data showing that survival is insufficient.

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Why I Stayed Away From Survivors

It wasn’t just denial and triggers and caricatures that got in the way of me connecting. It was the idea of being friends with people who were much more likely, statistically, to die earlier than normal, and to have very difficult things happen to them. It was the risk that everyone I knew was weighing with me: how closely do I want to be entwined with that kind of hard?

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Lacuna Loft Featured In Smile Politely

Lacuna Loft was recently featured in Smile Politely, Champaign-Urbana’s online magazine.  The whole interview process was a lot of fun (Thanks Katie!) and we hope that the article helps to share some of the cool stuff that we are doing here, over at Lacuna Loft!

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