Cancer Finances 101

cancer finances 101

Have you been looking for a toolkit for navigating your finances after young adult cancer?  Look no further!

Triage Cancer and The Samfund have put together a fabulous toolkit, asking you questions about important topics to bring you the information that you absolutely need.  You can use it to find out more about health insurance, disability insurance, education, estate planning, and so much more with the end goal of helping you understand how cancer treatment impacts your finances. They want to provide you with information and tools to help make sound financial decisions before, during, and after cancer treatment– not just in the wake of the financial wreckage cancer often causes.

Check out the toolkit here!

Financial Assistance For Young Adult Cancer Survivors

financial assistance to young adults after cancer

If you haven’t heard about them already, we’re here to tell you about a wonderful organization we are proud to call a friend, The Samfund.  They offer “financial assistance to young adults as they regain momentum in their lives after cancer.”  We’re talking today specifically about the great work done over at The Samfund because their Winter 2018 Grant application is now open!  The deadline is Thursday, February 8th at 5 pm EST to submit your application, so go do that now!

Learn here and submit your application here!