Coloring For Adults (And For Stress!)

coloring for adults

Coloring is no longer just for kids!  Here at Lacuna Loft, I’ve explained how helpful and calming coloring was for me during my chemo treatments…grabbing some colored pencils, blocking out the rest of the room, and focusing on the blending and shading that I wanted to produce on the coloring page was such a relief from hospital chemo rooms and boring hours alone at home!  For a while I was really into it and even spent time watching youtube videos on colored pencil blending techniques.  Well it turns out that psychologists are actually finding that coloring can be a great stress reliever in adults!

Coloring for adults?!…you might say.  But there has to be a limit to what kinds of illustrations you might find, right?  Nope!

There are so many different options popping up all over the place!  The NY times recently talked with the illustrator behind a really popular coloring book, the Secret Garden.  Her illustrations are absolutely beautiful.  I recently bought this one but there are so many different books that pop up if you search for coloring pages for adults.  There is even a book series equipped with Color Me Calm and Color Me Happy.

Have you tried coloring lately?  Interested in giving it a try for stress relief or just for fun?