Check Out Thoughtful Human And A Giveaway!

thoughtful human support cards

Ali from Thoughtful Human is taking over today to tell you about a great series of cards made specifically for supporting cancer patients!  Take it away Ali!

Hey, Lacuna Lofties!

Meet Thoughtful Human – a zero waste card company designed for dynamic relationships and challenging life circumstances. We have created a specific cancer/chemo support series and depression support series to offer friends and family a way to consistently offer support to their loved ones throughout this cancer journey. They are intended to offer raw, open-ended questions and sentiments that help foster real conversation around these difficult circumstances.

All sentiments and series stem from our own experiences with these issues, but we’re eager to hear your feedback and adapt them to best reflect the needs of the community we’re serving.  That said, we’d love your input!  Go to our website and look through the cancer/chemo support series and/or depression support series and fill out the form below!  If you provide feedback, you’ll be entered to win a Cancer Support Card Series (6-pack)!  Winner will be announced next week!

Would you be interested in sharing your story with the Thoughtful Human community? Contact:  P.S. As a part of the Lacuna Loft community, save 10% on any Thoughtful Human support cards with code: LACUNA10.