Turning Your Cancer Story Into Comedy

Many AYAs love a well-placed cancer joke, and it’s not uncommon for us to share a dark sense of humor. This one-hour workshop, in collaboration with Stupid Cancer, will help you turn your young adult cancer story into comedy. Whether you want to climb on stage or beef up your meme game, we’ll talk about the best approach to get laughs out of a difficult subject matter and how to shape your own humor narrative.

Where: Online video webinar. When you register, the system will send you the zoom link to attend.

Who: Young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.

When: Tuesday, July 14.  1-2 pm PT / 3-4 pm CT / 4-5 pm ET.

You can register for the webinar here!

Want to Learn How To Take Advantage of Clinical Trials?

webinar patients rising logo

Join Patients Rising on May 14 at 1pm ET (10am PT) for an informative webinar on taking advantage of clinical trials.  Clinical trials are at the heart of all advances in medicine.  They lead to new innovations in preventing, detecting, and treating disease.  They allow researchers to test new treatments and new ways to use existing treatments.  Clinical trials determine if new treatments are safe and effective.

There are many reasons to participate in a clinical trial.  In this webinar, their panel will help you explore the benefits and risks and how clinical trials can fit into your healthcare plan.  They will explain why you should care about clinical trials, how they work, and potential risks.  They will answer your questions about clinical trials and point you to valuable resources to search for and learn more about clinical trials.

Please join Patients Rising on Tuesday, May 14 at 1pm ET (10am PT)!

Learn more and register here!