Register To Bike With First Descents In Detroit!

first descents

We’ve got a great program announcement for you today through a friend of ours, First Descents!

First Descents provides life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults (ages 18-39) impacted by cancer. Through outdoor adventures, skills development, and local adventure communities FD improves the long-term survivorship of young adults living with cancer. Their participants experience free outdoor adventure programs that empower them to climb, paddle, and surf beyond their diagnosis, reclaim their lives, and connect with others doing the same.

When: 2pm to 5pm, Saturday, June 9th

What: Corktown Bike Tour via Wheelhouse Detroit. It is a 10-mile bike ride through Detroit’s oldest neighborhood. The route will take you through historic Victorian homes, churches, and urban gardens and farms. Light appetizers at Atwater Brewery will follow the tour!

Who: FD alumni or any local young adult (ages 18-39) living with cancer (Sorry, no +1’s at this time).

Where: Meet at Wheelhouse Detroit to get outfitted, 1340 Atwater St Detroit, MI 48207

Cost: FREE! FD will provide your rental bike, helmet, tour guide, and the first round of appetizers at Atwater Brewery

Registration: Click here to register!

How To Meet Young Adult Cancer Survivors

how to meet young adult cancer survivors

Have you been looking for an easy way to meet other young adult cancer survivors?  Have you looked around the infusion room or your local support group and thought, “wow…I am SO young compared to the rest of these people!”  Yea…me too.

That’s where Lacuna Loft’s YAC (Young Adult Cancer) Hangouts come into play!  Instead of a stuffy support group filled with people twice your age, hang out online via video chat with other young adults dealing with cancer.  You know that stuff your ‘healthy’ peers don’t understand because they’ve never faced cancer?  The young adult cancer survivors at our hangouts totally get it.  They get the fatigue, the worry about fertility, the stress on financials, and everything else that young adult cancer brings into your life.

Join us a few times each month for a YAC Hangout!  RSVP below and we’ll let you know exactly when we’re hanging out and how to join the video chat.  Can’t wait to meet you!

Plus, there’s a hangout tomorrow night (Wednesday, July 19) at 5:30 pm PT / 8:30 pm ET!

facebook…Connecting With Other Young Adult Cancer Survivors

connecting with other young adult cancer survivors

Welcome to a new series here on Lacuna Loft!  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be talking about different ways of connecting with other young adult cancer survivors.  Today we talk about facebook!

How are you liking this new series?  To recap, so far we’ve talked about connecting with other young adults using instagram and twitter.

Have you thought about using social media to find other survivors (instead of using it to realize that all of your non-cancer-having-young-adult friends seem to be having an easier time at life than you are right now?)  Take control over the interweb info that you consume and gain some young-adult-cancer-having love at the same time!

Today we look into the world of connecting with other young adult cancer survivors through facebook.  Now, don’t get me wrong, bookface (and social media in general) is often a challenge for young adult cancer survivors.  You see your friends posting happy photos, underlining just how much you might be missing out on while you deal with your cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.  But, today we’ll explain how you can easily find other young adult cancer survivors to talk to!

Now, unlike instagram and twitter where you can quickly use hashtags (#) to find a tribe of people, navigating facebook is easiest through the search bar at the top.  By simply typing young adult cancer in the search bar, you can quickly find a number of young adult cancer groups to join.  These different groups show up as a form of drop down menu where you can then click on one or more that interests you.  Other search terms also show up (at the bottom), providing you with more options for connecting with other young adult cancer survivors.   Many of these groups offer opportunities to post anonymous questions to receive feedback about your pressing issues and concerns.  The Stupid Cancer groups even offer the chance for meetups with other young adult cancer survivors in your area.


As I’ve said in the previous posts in this series, connecting with other survivors is a very powerful experience.  Knowing that you aren’t alone is a big deal…being able to share your good times and bad times with those who truly understand adds that extra bit of control to an otherwise frightening and out of control experience.

You can also use this search method to find other caregivers on facebook.  Many of the caregiving sites have very active members who will jump at the chance to offer any sort of support that you may be seeking!

P.S.  #youngadultcancer on instagram & #yacancer and #ayacsm on twitter