Join Us for our Survivorship Series, Version 2.0!

A silhouette of five people standing on a summit with an orange, yellow, and blue sky behind them. They are raising their hands and cheering.

Join Cactus Cancer Society for our first Survivorship Series Version 2.0! This Survivorship Series is exciting because it’s our launch of the 2.0 version. What does that mean? Well, we took everything you loved about the first run of our Survivorship Series and added a new twist on existing activities. Better yet, this means that if you did an original Survivorship Series, you can now participate again!  This Survivorship Series will be offered for AML, ALL, and Glioma patients/survivors.

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Survival Is Insufficient

Now there is scientific research showing that the young adult cancer population, aged 18-39, is the most isolated age-group who experiences cancer, and that this isolation is linked to all sorts of quality of life issues. It affects survival rates, reintegration into normal life, and a host of other things. There is data showing that surviving cancer is not enough, we must also be helped to thrive. There is data showing that survival is insufficient.

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