Petition To Preserve Adolescent And Young Adult Fertility

preserve adolescent and young adult cancer fertility

The National Cancer Institute estimates that each year nearly one-quarter of all new cancer diagnosis will impact men and women of reproductive age. Cancer patients have a very short window to decide to preserve fertility whether prior to treatment or in between surgery and chemotherapy. However, half of adolescents and young adults aren’t told treatment will impact their fertility.

For those who do know, cost stops them. Fertility preservation is not covered by the majority of insurance companies and protecting parenthood is not a standard part of cancer care like reconstruction after a mastectomy. For a young woman this means spending $15,000 out-of-pocket even before cancer treatment begins.

Nine states – Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont, and Maryland – have active legislation pending to require insurance companies to cover fertility preservation or expand access to infertility benefits.

Sign Critical Mass’s petition to let policymakers across the country know that you support protecting parenthood after a cancer diagnosis.