We’re Back!

young adult cancer

And we’re back!  We hope your June was fruitful, relaxing, and enjoyable!

Behind the scenes, lots of wonderful things have been happening.  We’ve added some wonderfully generous partners to the Lacuna Loft team of support, we’re almost done launching a new program (more on this soon!), we had a great Open Write Night last week (and will have another one later this month so sign up if you haven’t already!), we have continued hosting YAC Hangouts (with another one happening tomorrow night so sign up if you haven’t already!), we added a spot on our website specific to healthcare providers (we see you out there and we LOVE you!), our Founder and a few of our Board Members attended the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference and had a fabulous time there connecting with healthcare providers, we’ve been getting a few Creative Workshops ready to announce (sign up if you haven’t already to be alerted when these are announced so you can sign up!), and more!  Seriously…so much more!

Things have been happening in the month of June and so much is about to happen in the coming months.  More Creative Workshops, more YAC Hangouts (July 6th and July 19th this month!), a new program, more Outreach, more Book Club, more more more more more!

We hope you had a wonderful and safe July 4th!  Enjoy our Young Adult Voices posts as they continue on and be sure to check out the rest of our programs as they announce dates and sign-ups!  Lacuna Loft is for you, by you, offering support for young adult cancer survivors and caregivers.  You are amazing, you are strong, you are courageous, and we are so honored to be here with you.

Excited to be back!

P.S.  Interested in volunteering, sharing your story, or letting us know any of your thoughts or comments?  Don’t be shy!  Email info@lacunaloft.org!